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Eat Breakfast

A good breakfast fuels the soul but rarely do we indulge in big breakfasts for the sake of time (and sleep). However, carving out even just 15 minutes to eat a healthy breakfast can make you instantly feel more awake and energetic. Everyone knows a happy stomach equals a happier you.

23 Ways to Wake Up Happier Every Morning

If you're not a morning person, waking up is a pure struggle that consists of the snooze button and a strong cup of coffee. For most of us, this daily routine gets us out the door, but it doesn't necessarily make us any more excited to start the day. An easy way to change this somber outlook, however, is by altering your actions. Because why shouldn't you wake up in a good mood? We rounded up several ways to help you get going every day.


If You Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed, Try This Morning Hack