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23 small-but-stunning ways to upgrade your nude nails

Nude nails, it’s the vaguest of trends that covers a multitude of colours: beige, caramel, ballet-shoe pink, creamy peach, mushroom, mocha (we could go on). But what’s a girl to do when muted starts to feel meh?

The clever thing about nude nail polish is that it flatters hands by giving the appearance of longer fingers (not that we have anything against short fingers, natch). It also makes a great neutral base for delicate nail art designs (stunning example by Hang Nguyen below) and looks incredible alternated with a glittery accent nail on long acrylics. Prefer a no-fuss, high-shine vibe? Try some gel nude nails on coffin-shaped acrylics for added drama. Tracy Lee demonstrates how good a matte finish looks when using multiple beige shades for a pretty gradient effect. And props to Townhouse for their clever wet-look design 🙌🏻.

We searched Instagram for the best nude nail looks and threw all our bright nail polishes in the bin (not really, that would be wasteful). Enjoy.

23 small-but-stunning ways to upgrade your nude nails

The most flattering nail shade just got an upgrade

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