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22 Outdoor Pools in the UK Perfect for Post-Lockdown Swims

Ah, swimming. Remember it? The splash of water as you submerge and the sharp inhale of breath as your swimming costume-clad body becomes accustomed to the change of temperature. Blissfully floating from length to length, doing your best Rebecca Adlington as you power from front crawl to breast stroke. We've missed it.

Even if you're not an avid swimmer, we'd hedge a bet that you're keen for a change of scenery after three months indoors. Current government guidelines advise against unnecessary and non-essential travel, so, skip the beach and get down to your local lido instead.

Aside from the fact that swimming offers a dose of sheer, unequivocal escapism, the sport has a whole heap of health benefits. According to the NHS website, it can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Plus, as a form of LISS (that's low intensity steady state exercise, aka working out a low level of exertion for a long, continuous period of time), it's an ideal form of R&R if you've been hitting your training sessions hard.

N.B. here—it hasn't been decisively confirmed as to when pools are going to reopen in the UK yet. Wondering whether it's safe to go swimming given the current climate? You can find more official info in our guide and below.

When will UK swimming pools reopen?

While the exact date for swimming pools and gyms re-opening is yet to be disclosed, Swim England have released detailed guidelines for when pools do re-open.

Jane Nickerson
, Swim England Chief Executive, said: 'Government guidance clearly states that pools in England cannot reopen before 4 July and it is still unknown whether that will be the date that this happens – that is a decision for the Government.'

Nickerson further added, 'When pools reopen, it will not be a case of ‘business as usual’ and we know that things will have to be different. However, if we are to play our part in protecting the NHS from another wave of Covid-19 admissions, it is important we follow the latest guidance and adjust to the new "normal".'

What do the guidelines say?

Sure, you'll be able to swim soon enough, but visitors will have to take extra precaution when returning to outdoor pools.

For example, Swim England Guidelines state that you should not go to the pool if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you should check your local pool's timetable and swimming guidelines before leaving the house and that you should aim to arrive at the pool ready to swim, with your swimming costume or swimming shorts on to minimise time spent in the changing room.

These cover just a few of the necessary requirements. The full list of guidelines can be found on the Swim England website.

Now, without further ado—scroll WH's pick of the best outdoor swimming pools in the UK.