After 21 years, the iconic Halo parody Red vs Blue ends with one last movie alongside the death of Rooster Teeth

 Red vs Blue.
Red vs Blue.

Rooster Teeth is getting shut down by parent company Warner Bros. this year, but not before the studio sends off arguably its most beloved production, the Halo parody series Red vs. Blue, with one last movie.

Red vs. Blue: Restoration is set to launch on May 7 as an 87-minute film available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, "and more" digital distributors at a price of $14.99. The rental version will be available on May 21 for $4.99.

In a press release, the official synopsis gives us a brief overview of the plot: "When the universe’s greatest villain returns in a terrifying new form, old adversaries, the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch, will have to set aside their differences to save the galaxy one last time." This announcement was also accompanied by a brief teaser trailer for the film.

Restoration had previously been announced as the 19th season of Red vs. Blue. It was set to be released simultaneously as a film and a weekly series, with the individual episodes released exclusively for Rooster Teeth patrons alongside additional bonus content. But with Warner Bros. having announced plans to shut down Rooster Teeth, clearly those plans have changed somewhat.

Red vs. Blue launched alongside Rooster Teeth back in 2003, and quickly became the first breakout hit of the burgeoning machinima scene. The vast majority of the series was produced by recording gameplay in various Halo titles to stitch together something akin to a proper film, though the most recent season - called Zero - was produced in Unreal Engine. Judging by the Unreal logo at the end of the trailer above, Restoration will follow suit.

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