18 Impressively Stylish Gifts For the Impossible-to-Shop-For Guy

Gift shopping for guys can either be a complete breeze or the ultimate test of skill, stamina, creativity, and fashion sensibility. No matter which side of the gear games you're buying for, Banana Republic has set the style rules so everyone wins.

Although sizing differences, preferences between simple and statement pieces, and price points often make shopping this category the most difficult of your holiday to-dos, there are plenty of options at Banana Republic to help take the stress out of gifting.

Start by prioritizing small versus larger gifts. For the smaller items, consider more statement accents that up the awe factor, and hone in on higher-end materials for the bigger gifts. Even basics can feel special when the quality is top notch. No matter what the cost, this curated list has all the essentials for every level of spending and style preference.

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