2025 Audi Q6 e-tron Has a Dash Dedicated to Displays, Augmented-Reality HUD

2025 audi q6 e tron interior angled view
2025 Audi Q6 e-tron Has a Display-Covered DashAudi
  • The 2025 Audi Q6 e-tron's interior debuts with screens galore and an available head-up display that augments reality.

  • Predictably, the inside of Audi's upcoming EV SUV also heavily features sustainable materials.

  • The Q6 e-tron boasts 19 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear seats; that space expands to 54 cubes with the second row stowed.

Audi has revealed the inside of the 2025 Q6 e-tron, the brand's first EV that will be built on its new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture. Essentially, it's the model that sets the tone for Audi's future, and that future looks to feature a dashboard dedicated to displays, among other tech-centric content.

First Look Inside

Anyone who had hoped screen-packed interiors were merely a fad should probably put that dream to bed. The Q6 e-tron is the latest example of where new-car cabins are heading, with not one, not two, but three screens facing its occupants. The OLED gauge cluster and infotainment touchscreen measure 11.9- and 14.5-inches, respectively, and both reside under a single curved bezel that's underlined by ambient lighting. Another 10.9-inch touchscreen is dedicated to the front-seat passenger, and it has a way of blocking the driver's view of its contents, per safety regulations.

2025 audi q6 e tron other angled view

With the Q6 e-tron, Audi introduces new Android-based infotainment software, which brings what the company calls a "self-learning voice assistant." Much like with Mercedes's MBUX system, Q6 users can summon the artificial intelligence by saying, "Hey, Audi." The full extent of the voice assistant's skillset is unknown, but Audi claims it can do everything from learn a driver's preferences and make suggestions. How long will it take the AI to learn that we like the climate set to 69 degrees, the ventilated seats activated, and the heated steering wheel on? We're interested to find out.

Taking Audi's in-car technology further is an optional head-up display with augmented reality. When the SUV's speed, navigation directions, or traffic signs are reflected onto the windshield, their images are tilted forward to create the impression they're floating in front of the vehicle. Audi claims this helps reduce distractions, particularly in low-visibility situations. However, that'll be for individual drivers to decide.

Ambient lighting is another polarizing interior feature that's proliferating among new cars (personally, this author loves the theatrics). The Q6 e-tron, of course, offers customizable colors, but it also has interactive lighting elements such as a welcome action and the ability to notify people when the vehicle is locked and unlocked. Other neat tricks include mimicking the turn signals and visualizing the EV's charging levels. Neat, right?

Q6 Vs. Q5 Cargo Space

The 2025 Audi Q6 e-tron's exterior dimensions are said to be similar to the gas-powered Q5 SUV. We drove a prototype in the mystical land known as the Faroe Islands where that size comparison felt appropriate. While Audi hasn't yet released the Q6's full interior measurements, it did reveal the EV's cargo space. There's 19 cubic feet behind the second row; fold those seats flat and that area grows to 54 cubes. Compared with the Q5, the latter figure is identical to the max cargo capacity, while the former is 7 cubic feet smaller. At least the e-tron's front truck contributes a separate 2 cubes. It's possible the difference is also made up with more overall passenger space in the Q6.

2025 audi q6 e tron back seat view

Giving the Q6 e-tron's interior a closer look will reveal its squared-off steering wheel, which is flat on the top and bottom and hosts a bunch of touch-sensitive controls. While we appreciate the physical volume knob, we're less thrilled about the lack of real buttons and switches elsewhere. For example, the door panels have a plasticky panel of capacitive controls for the locks, lights, mirrors, and memory seat settings. Thanks, but no thanks.

Some people will be able to look past those details and others will be disappointed. Final judgements can be made once the Audi Q6 e-tron and the higher-performance SQ6 variant hit the streets sometime next year.

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