It's 2021, and Heels Are Officially Back - Here's What's Worth Buying Right Now

At the beginning of the pandemic, our everyday footwear became sneakers and slippers, and we were not sad about it one bit. However, now that we're going out a bit more, we want to get dressed and feel amazing. For us, that means heels. Putting on a great pair of heels makes you walk differently, both literally and figuratively. We stand taller and feel more confident when we're in a great pair of shoes. If you're ready to walk this summer, these are the shoes worth buying.

Whether you want to ease back into heels with a lower option or are ready to go sky high, there are great options available for you. Plus, whether you want something neutral that goes with everything or a fun, sparkling colorful pair, it's all possible. Keep on reading to shop our picks!

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