Is 2021 the year of the (beauty) hybrid?

·2-min read

In pursuit of a “naturally” filtered face IRL (in real life) consumers are clamouring to have beauty products that work harder than ever before.

Previously, attaining glowing skin with a seemingly minimal effort seemed to be even more difficult than achieving a full coverage glam.

Not anymore! Enter the rise of the beauty hybrid: products that claim to have double usage or other positive effects on the body. Think make-up with skincare qualities, mascaras with added growth serums, as well as beauty supplements. The market has exploded with brands claiming to give you added bang for your beauty buck, but which ones really cut the mustard?

Jane Iredale

Named ‘The Skincare Makeup’ with good reason, every product produced is centred around the additional benefits it can provide for the complexion. The latest release is as swoon-worthy as it is beautiful. The Jane Iredale Glow Time Blush sticks come in five jaw-droppingly pretty shimmering shades and are packed with added skincare benefits to achieve that perfect lit-from-within glow no matter how little sleep you’ve had.


You’ll probably remember being inspired to dip your toe into mineral foundations by these trendsetters a couple of years back. They were undoubtedly one of the first brands to add additional skin-loving ingredients to their formulas and have subsequently gone from strength to strength ever since. An internet cult favourite is the Strength&Length Serum-Infused Mascara which delivers a kick-ass mascara formula with the added benefit of visibly longer, fuller lashes with consistent use. The best bit? It even encourages less fall out, so once you’ve grown those luscious lashes, you’ll be able to hold onto them for even longer!

Laura Mercier

Last but by no means least goes to the undisputed owners of the beauty hybrid category: Laura Mercier. The Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector is in the beauty bags of all the professional MUAs and for good reason. It provides sheer coverage with a delicate barely-there sheen of colour by using Smart Silica treated pigments and a hydrating complex blend of Kukui Seed and macadamia oils to look after your skin both inside and out. The results? An undetectable, dewy finish that tricks the eye into thinking your skin really is just THAT good.