Wolfdog goes viral after hilarious video shows it howling every time it hears an ambulance siren

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Wolfdog goes viral after hilarious video shows it howling every time it hears an ambulance siren
Wolfdog goes viral after hilarious video shows it howling every time it hears an ambulance siren

Story and video from SWNS

An adorable dog which starts howling every time she hears an ambulance siren has become an online hit after her hilarious reactions went viral.

Tala, a Czechoslovakian Vlcak Wolfdog, salutes key workers with her own version of 'clap for carers' by mimicking the sound of sirens each time paramedics pass by.

Owner Claire Murray, 45, says her six-year-old pooch only howls for ambulances and
doesn't do it for any other emergency vehicles.

The delivery driver recorded her pet's bizarre reaction last week during a walk and sent it to East Midlands Ambulance Service.

The comical video - which shows Tala wailing at a passing ambulance before Claire asks 'are you done?' - has since been viewed and shared thousands of times.

Claire says Tala's constant howling have left paramedics in fits of laughter whenever they see them on their daily walks in Breaston, Derbyshire.

The married mum-of-two said: "Every time an ambulance comes past she stops in her tracks, throws her head back and howls.

"She doesn't do it for police cars or fire engines - just ambulances. They are her favourite for some reason.

"If you listen carefully it is quite similar to the ambulance siren - it's just the right tone.

"She can listen to packs of wolves on the TV and not do it and listen to dogs on Youtube and doesn't howl back. It is just ambulances without fail.

"People love it. Especially when they are in cars at a junction. They laugh and it makes them smile.

"Last week we were out on a walk and she heard the ambulance coming, threw her head back and started howling.

"As the ambulance went past the crew heard her, which shows how loud she is. I could see them laughing their heads off.

"It was great to see the smiles on their faces as they went past. It must've been quite a surprise to hear a wolfdog howling at them.

"They were going to an emergency but it brightened up their day.

"My friend said I should send the video to the ambulance service and they loved it. I would much rather hear her howl than bark because it is beautiful to listen to.

"I have tried to get her to howl on command, but she doesn't. I've only managed to get to throw her head back on command.

"It is great. It makes everybody laugh and it's wonderful."

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) shared the video on their social media channels and wrote: "We hope this makes you smile as much as we did.

"Obviously dogs can't clap, so Tala the Wolfdog has found her way of paying tribute by howling when an ambulance goes passed with sirens on.

"Her owner Claire says she only does it for ambulances and has done so since she was young.

"Here she is out for a walk in Derbyshire with Claire and 10-year-old Husky Skye."

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