This cat and donkey have become best friends

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This cat and donkey have become best friends
This cat and donkey have become best friends

Story and video from SWNS

This cat and donkey have become best friends, posing for photos like a real-life version of Donkey and Puss in Boots from Shrek.

Pearl, an orange tabby, loves to ride on the back of her donkey friend Willow and cuddle up against the nape of her neck.

"We live in this remote area. So we're pretty lonely out here. It makes sense that they'd be friends," said Pearl's owner Wistar Hart, 55, a retired horseback riding instructor from Big Timber, Montana.

"Pearl is a barn cat, she doesn't live in the house.

"She has her little family down there at the barn...she just wants to be with everybody."

Despite Pearl's friendly attitude Willow is the only animal in the barn that gives her the time of day.

"Only those two get along. My horses do not deal with the cats," said Wistar.

"They get annoyed and shake them off when they try to jump on their backs.

"Willow though is always like 'hey how you doing?'"

"It was zero degrees the day I took the photos.

"Pearl was just like 'oh yeah, this is a nice warm place' and hopped on Willow's back.

"I think they both just wanna hang out.

"If Pearl starts being friendly to the mice though, It'll be a problem."

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