Earth rumbles mysteriously for one hour in ‘haunted’ Indian village

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Story and video from Newsflare

Residents of a village in eastern India are living in fear after the earth rumbled violently, throwing up mud and boiling water for an hour.

The mysterious phenomenon occurred at Mahakalapda village in Kendrapara district on June 5.

Reportedly many in the area believe the rumbling was caused by hostile spirits, which may be haunting their village, and have fled.

Those who remain are living in fear and avoiding the spot where the earth 'acted crazy'.

The incident is believed to have been triggered by a borewell that a local man, Shyam Sundar Bhol, was digging in his backyard.

Eyewitnesses said as the drilling team dug to a depth of 1,000 feet, muddy water shot up more than 40 feet into air with a loud hiss - and then the earth started rumbling.

The rumbling was confined to a large area around the borewell and subsided on its own leaving behind a small pond covered with water.

Villagers say though hundreds of tube wells have been drilled in the area in recent years, what they saw was unprecedented.

Some residents have urged local government officials to send a team of scientists to investigate the phenomenon.

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