Canadian man discovers bizarre package on doorstep

Morgan Greenwald
·1-min read

Toronto doctor Elliot Berinstein was taken aback when he recently came home to discover a package waiting on his doorstep — eight years after he'd ordered it.

"I was very confused because I hadn't ordered anything from Canadian website in awhile," he said. "And then I remembered one time about eight years ago I ordered something from them."

According to a Reddit post about the package, written by Berinstein, inside the box was "a tube of [Brylcreem]" from 2012. Unfortunately, the doctor believes that the contents of the tube are expired, seeing as they are "yellow" when they're "supposed to be white".

In case you're wondering why Berinstein ordered a tube of Brylcreem, he explained to Off that he was "trying to get the Donald Draper kind of haircut".

"Probably good it didn't show up, though," he joked.

The company got wind of Berinstein's bizarre situation — and even though he doesn't blame it for what happened, it decided to make things right by sending him another fresh package.

"While a delivery from the past is cool and all, we like to look to the future!" the company wrote in a letter sent to Berinstein. Along with the letter, it also sent the doctor some delicious snacks and drinks and plenty of hair care products.

In a statement, Canada Post said that it is looking into Berinstein's package's severe delay.

"This is certainly a unique situation and we can only speculate at this point as to what may have happened," the statement reads.

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