RSPCA dubs injured cat 'Hercule Poirot' due to his perfect black moustache

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A cat with a fabulous black moustache recently found himself in a hairy situation.

The one-year-old cat fractured both his legs and needed surgery after a terrible three-storey fall. He is now being kept on his own for four weeks while he recovers from the operation.

Above a post on Facebook the RSPCA wrote: "Hercule Poirot is with us in cat form. Some people here mentioned 'Kitler' 😒 - he does have one of the neatest little cat moustaches we've seen - but we're going with 'Poirot'.

"This boy is less than a year old and fractured both his back legs when he fell from a third floor. 😟 He's doing well here though but he'll have a long recovery time, so plenty of time for crime solving.🕵️‍♂️🤓 Once again, another really smoochy cat!"

"Poirot is a lovely boy. He's really friendly and affectionate but he has really been in the wars. He broke both back legs after falling from a window and needed surgery," Jo Elmes told ITV.

"He's started using his legs again now and, although he's a little wobbly, he's doing really well.

"We're hoping he'll soon be strong enough to go into foster care while he continues to recover."

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