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You can use this Drawer Organizer ($29) for just about anything.

2020 Is the Year I'm Going to Organize My Home Like Marie Kondo - Here's How

For 2020, one of my New Year's goals was to get organized. Inspired by Marie Kondo's Netflix show that I finally got around to watching and the disaster that is my t-shirt drawer, I've decided to dedicate some time to really decluttering. After all, I'm spending so much time in the house that I just can't look at the clutter anymore

I'm focusing on the three problem areas in my apartment - my closet, kitchen, and bathroom - in hopes that a cleaner home makes for a happier and more inviting one. I'm actually really excited about this, because I feel like it will not only help me in the long term, but also give me a sense of accountability and pride in doing something for myself, which I could really use right about now. Keep reading to learn about what I'm shopping to make my home my sanctuary.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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