2019's weirdest and wackiest Halloween costumes

2019 is the weirdest Halloween costume year to date. [Photo: Amazon]
2019 is the weirdest Halloween costume year to date. [Photo: Amazon]

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The countdown to Halloween is on. Party goers have been planning their costumes for weeks and this year, people are bringing their A-game.

Yes, you could dress up as the joker or you could go to the party as a giant sausage roll. There’s really no contest. Life advice: when the opportunity to dress up as a sausage roll presents itself, always take it.

It’s no easy feat to select the perfect Halloween costume that transcends all social situations and friendship groups.

To make things just a bit easier, we’ve selected our top picks, which will leave your friends talking about your costume for years to come.

1. Morph Giant Inflatable Avocado Emoji | £34.99

2. LOLANTA Unisex Inflatable Condom Costume | £36.50

3. Bodysocks Inflatable Jet Pack Costume | £37.99

4. Orion Adult Toilet Roll Fancy Dress | £29.41

5. Smiffy’s Whoopie Cushion Costume | £12.45

6. Adult Novelty Sausage Roll | £13.00

7. Orion Pink Squid Sea Animal | £40.06

8. Sea Hare Adult Burger | £27.50

9. Bodysocks Grim Reaper Costume | £29.99

10. EraSpooky Mexican Food Taco | £22.99

11. EraSpooky Bacon Costume | £15.99

12. Smiffys Toy Soldier Costume | £23.98

13. EraSpooky Organ Costume | £18.99

14. BodySocks Inflatable Pig | £29.99

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