Hilarious moment a mum repeatedly slipped over on black ice

This is the hilarious moment a mum slipped over on black ice and then couldn't get up - over and over again.

Tanyah Campbell, 29, had her friends doubled over with laughter when she slid over on the slippy pavement repeatedly.

Ms Campbell was walking back from the shops with pals when she took a tumble. The cleaner and mum-of-two fell to the ground and started laughing - but when she tried to get up she just kept sliding over.

Friend Caithan said she was like "Bambi on ice" and the five minute journey back from the shops in Smithton, Inverness, took them 20 minutes.

Carer Caithan said: "It was absolutely hilarious.

"She nearly took me down with her a few times. It was like Bambi on ice."

The clips show her seeing the funny side of it - giggling as her knees give way and her feet slip, due to her gripless boots.

"She just couldn't keep her balance at all and just kept ending up hitting the deck.It took us a good 20 minutes to get up that hill. It should have taken five!

"The video was taken when the trio went to get snacks from the shop to eat during a movie session at home".