Helena Bonham Carter's proposition to Prince William

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Actress Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret in The Crown, has revealed she once had one of her own run-ins with royalty.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she admitted that she once asked Prince William to be her daughter's godfather when she was a little tipsy.

"I wasn't that drunk, but enough drunk for me not to drink anymore. He wasn't totally sober himself - not in a bad way, it was just very jolly," she said.

"Thing is, I'd spent all my friends as godparents on my first child, so Billy had 11 godparents. And so I thought I could make up for Nell - you know, who suddenly came along and we didn't have any left. I thought, 'Well, if I give her Prince William that would cover,' you know?"

Describing how the prince reacted, she added: "He just said, 'You don't want me to be godfather to your child'."

And that was the end of that.