Shelagh Fogarty: Why are there no consequences to Johnson's lies?

Just like Donald Trump, there are no consequences to Boris Johnson's lies, says Shelagh Fogarty in an impassioned speech on LBC.

Shelagh Fogarty said she was trying to work out where our society stands "in this day and age on the public behaviour, even the private behaviour, of our elected representatives."

"Sometimes types of behaviour, when they're repeated, tell you something about someone. If someone is to be a leader who deserves your vote, whether that's a political party, or someone who is seeking your support in some way, speaking for myself they have to live up to some basic expectations that I have of them.

"There's no doubt that the party conference is being overshadowed by these allegations that Boris Johnson groped these two young women 20 years ago, albeit, at a Spectator magazine lunch. Downing Street - an unusual step for them - have downright denied it.

"Then there's the problem of the word 'spaffing'. The examples are easy to clutch, aren't they? There's plenty of them. The use of the word 'spaffing' in that conversation with Nick Ferrari on LBC just a few weeks ago, and 10 days ago openly in a live situation that was being recorded and broadcast live simply denied he ever said it.

"And I can't believe my ears when I see that happening and it has no consequences. Whereas of course if I come on the radio and just tell lies that are demonstrably untrue it rightly and naturally would have consequences. Why is he different? I don't get it.

"Why is James Cleverly different when he repeats an untruth about what the High Court ruled on the prorogation of Parliament?

"I don't understand how they're getting away with it just as I didn't understand how Donald Trump got away with so many lies and so much attempt to rabble rouse people in to violence and hatred."