Mum's vicious rant about banning 'childless people' from Disney World goes viral

An anonymous mother's rant directed at individuals without children who visit Disney World has gone viral.

A screenshot of the angry parent's Facebook tirade shared on Twitter earlier this month by blogger Jennifer Kathleen has racked up over 17,000 retweets and more than 70,000 likes.

In the inflammatory post, the mother laments "childless couples" and "immature millennials" who visit the Orlando theme park, since, as she puts it, "Disney World is a FAMILY amusement park!!!!"

The incident that fuelled her anger? According to her post, the mother had to wait in a long line to buy a Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel for her son, who she identifies as Aiden.

The woman says she eventually became fed up with waiting and told her toddler son he could have a pretzel "later", thus breaking his "poor little heart" and making him "cry", all of which she blamed on a girl who was standing in line in front of her and allegedly wearing very short shorts.

WARNING: Post contains strong language:

The woman continues spewing hatred toward non-parents who choose to visit the park, stating that "people without children should be BANNED" and that "mothers with children should be allowed to skip" all the rides' notably lengthy lines.

Naturally, people on social media — many parents themselves — jumped in to defend childless Disney patrons.

"Speaking as a parent with a 3yo ... why would you take a 3yo to Disney??" one man wrote. "They won't remember or appreciate it. Also, how can you go to Disney and expect to not stand in line. Also if she has a 3yo, odds are she's a millennial herself."

Some even took issue with a couple of logistical flaws in the mother's proposed ban.

"She wants to ban childless visitors AND wants mothers with children to be able to skip line?" one user questioned. "I don't think she thought that through."

"Mickey and Minnie are a childless couple," one tongue-in-cheek user pointed out.

Another user attempted to psychoanalyse the woman behind the hateful rant, writing, "Sounds like she's resentful she's not having fun because she's too overwhelmed with toddler needs, and envious of unencumbered women (likely her own age) who are actually having fun."

"Sounds like she's the one who needs to grow up and stop blaming others for her own choices," the person added.