Four signs you're eating too much sugar

Even if you've made strides to cut your sugar intake, you could still be consuming too much. Here are 4 signs that your body is trying to tell you to back off the sugar.

1. Your skin is breaking out more than usual 'The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' conducted a study.

2. You feel wiped out all the time If you notice that you're often in a late-afternoon energy slump, your breakfast or lunch might be packed with hidden sugars.

3. You've been diagnosed with high blood pressure Research published in BMJ journal 'Open Heart'.

4. You crash after working out If your workout routine seems to be getting harder than it usually is, sugar could be the culprit. Sara Folta, PhD.

Reducing sugar intake can help control weight and fend off the onset of early type 2 diabetes.