'Too fat' to be a model? Woman shares her story


Yoyo is a model from Seoul and even though she's living a healthy life and working out daily, she's been told that she's "too fat" to be a model.

"In Korea, if you want to be a model you have to be skinny," she said.

"Last time, the client asked me 'how much is your bodyweight?' So I told him, I'm 58kg and 160cm tall, and he said 'Oh, I want you to lose your bodyweight as much as you can before the shooting'."

Her body shape was hampering her chances of finding work.

"Many people told me, if you want to be a model you have to lose weight, like 10kg," she said.

Instead of letting that get her down, she took to Instagram in an effort to inspire others and moved to Australia, where she felt more accepted and regained her confidence.

She reveals what happened next in the video above.