Scenarios in which you shouldn’t eat at a certain restaurant

Eating out for some is a way to expand their gastronomical horizons... for others, it's a way to not to have to come home to a mediocre meal and a pile of dirty dishes. BUT there's a time and place for everything and sometimes it's best you just stay home.

According to Insider you should avoid going to a restaurant that's been closed for the holidays, because after the festive break it's likely you'll end up eating food left in storage.

Sometimes you might be able to get a sense of the restaurant's hygiene standards by taking a look at their public restrooms. If they're filthy get out.

You might want to skip a restaurant too if everyone in the restaurant is a tourist. Reader's Digest says a restaurant filled with tourists is a red flag because it is most likely full for its closeness to an attraction rather than its food reputation.

Lastly don't let the influencers influence you. Restaurant PR teams tend to reach out to bloggers and journalists to generate good publicity BUT if its insta-praises don't match their Yelp reviews don't waste your time.