Sitting too long could be eating away at your brain and your memory

Rear view of entrepreneur working at desk in store
Rear view of entrepreneur working at desk in store

We already know how bad sitting is for the body, and it turns out it's not that great for the brain either. You might wanna stand up for this next bit.

For one thing, sitting a lot can affect your memory. Bet Shaw a nutritional counsellor told Elite Daily, sitting can negatively impact blood flow to the head. This study in ScienceDaily confirms sedentary behaviour is linked to the thinning of regions in the brain critical for memory.

Sitting can also decrease your focus. Those moments when you're feeling a bit Clueless, spacing out or forgetting what it was you were going to do have to do with sitting for too long, Lara Heimann, an expert in yoga and physical therapy claims.

Working the musculoskeletal system or the cardiopulmonary system through movement gets those neurotransmitters firing.Feeling tired after a long day of sitting? Dr. Aida Quka says that's because sitting can lead to a lack of oxygen to the brain. She recommends starting your day with a headstand to increase blood flow. Or if that seems risky maybe just pace around the room while on the phone.

As far as what sitting for long periods of time can do to our bodies, the American Cancer Society has found a strong link between "long periods of leisure time sitting and a higher risk of death from all causes." That could include thing like cancer and heart disease.

So listen to your smart watch and stand up, maybe ask your boss for a standing desk too.