Nick Ferrari rows with guest who says Stacey Dooley was in the wrong

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Nick Ferrari, had what some thought, was a common sense response to one guest, who who claimed that the former Strictly star Stacey Dooley, was creating a "pervasive narrative" of Africa with her trip to Uganda as part of Comic Relief.

Dr. Alice Evans, a lecturer in International Development at King's College London, told the radio host that the Instagram photo of the celebrity holding a black child encourages stereotypes of Africa.

She told Nick: "I'm raising caution about how Africa is represented. The idea of a white adult holding a black child. It's always a black child."

But the LBC presenter shot back, saying that: "That's what you're going to find in Africa, isn't it?"

Dr Evans then told listeners: "It's pervasive, there's a single narrative about Africa...", however the LBC host disagreed: "No it's not. It's a well-meaning celebrity who has been going to Uganda for over 10 years holding a little boy. That's all it is, doctor."

David Lammy MP, criticised the star for propagating the narrative of the "White Saviour" when she posted a picture of herself with the child.

Comic Relief was heavily criticised for a segment with singer, Ed Sheeran, with many claiming the televised charity fundraiser was engaging in "poverty tourism". Comic Relief has raised over a £1 billion for good causes, mainly in Africa since it was started in 1985.

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