Ocasio-Cortez video on dark politics breaks record

Staff writer
·1-min read

Last week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played a "lightning round game" with a panel of ethics experts, in which she asked a series of quick-fire questions in order to show how easily officials in Congress and the White House can be corrupted by donations from special interest groups.

An edited video of the hearing has been viewed 37.5m times, making it the most watched political video ever posted on Twitter.

"The video has been uniquely successful but we are seeing more and more clips from congressional hearings and floor speeches getting tens of millions of views," said Nico Pitney of NowThis news, the channel that uploaded the video.

"Our audience is very hungry right now for issue-based political videos. They want to hear from people who are authentic, and who present smart factual information in a creative way."