How to make baked ham and cheese party rolls

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1 roll of pizza dough
340 grams of deli ham
12 slices of swiss cheese
314 grams of butter
28 grams brown sugar
14 grams of Worcestershire sauce
14 grams of Dijon mustard
14 grams of poppy seeds

Roll out pizza dough
Lay out ham on dough.
Top it with the swiss cheese.
Roll dough, burrito style.
Cut in half and then slice each half into 6 even pieces.
Place in baking dish.
In a pot, melt one stick of butter for the glaze.
Mix in brown sugar, Worcestershire and mustard.
Add in poppy seeds.
Whisk, whisk, whisk!
Pour glaze over buns, coating each evenly.
Bake at 177 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes, or golden brown.
Dig in!