Harper won't dress like me - Posh

Victoria Beckham has pledged that she won't allow daughter Harper to wear the kind of outfits she sported back in her Spice Girls days.

The pop star-turned-fashion designer has revealed that she recently tried some of her old outfits on, and was pleased to find they still fit her.

"I was amazed by how naked the costumes were, I have to say," she told a podcast. "I used to go out with not a lot of clothing on."

And she was quick to answer when asked if she'd let her little girl wear them when she is older.

"Absolutely not. She's like, 'Wow mummy, you used to wear really short skirts'.

"'Yes I did, Harper, and no, you're not going to.' It's that classic 'do as I say, don't do as I do.'"