Lonely hotel guests can now rent goldfish for company

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Traveling solo can be a little lonely at times, but one hotel has found a way to give their guests a little companionship, while making money at the same time!

Hotel Charleroi in Belgium has a four-year old Rent A Fish program that isn't even listed on their website.

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It allows hotel guests to borrow their own little Nemo to brighten up their room.

Not that the hotel rooms need much brightening! Hotel Charleroi has accommodations that range from an economy room to a deluxe luxury suite, and even has a family room complete with bunk beds for the kids.

Hotel management assured the public on Twitter that their fish are very well taken care of, and that the fish can "vacation" in a large tank in the housekeeping department when they aren't entertaining guests.

The fish aren't free though! A swimming friend can be rented for €3.50 per night.

So, which makes you feel worse? Being alone or having to buy a friend?

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