Is this the worst restaurant name ever?

Thelonious Monkfish
Thelonious Monkfish

A recent survey by Eater has named Thelonious Monkfish the worst restaurant name in America.

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In its search to find the Most Truly Awful Restaurant Names across a week-long journey titled Name of Groans, Eater was unimpressed by the likes of Pork & Mindy, A-Fish-o-na-do and Baguettaboudit! but it was Thelonious Monkfish that topped the list of terrible restaurant puns.

Writing about the Massachusetts sushi restaurant, the dining website's senior editor Hillary Dixler said: "The mind reels as it attempts to conjure a meeting between the proprietors of this restaurant and the estate of Thelonious Monk in which they explained, extremely earnestly, their vision of a restaurant — with jazz!!!! — and how naming it after one of the greatest jazz musicians to ever live was precisely the tribute that Monk so richly deserved. ('Well, cooking monkfish is almost EXACTLY like playing the piano because it has, like, teeth, and... also, jazz? Jazz. Yes, jazz.')."

Other pun-tastic restaurants that featured in the Name of Groans were Blunch, Ciao Thyme and Fonduely Yours.

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