Five best bicycle helmets

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It's just a bit of expanded polystyrene with some straps, so surely any cycle helmet will do, won't it? Well it's not as simple as that. Jelmets come in a variety of styles and with various features making them suited to specific types of riding, from commuting to extreme mountain biking...

1. Oxford F15

You obviously don't want to skimp too much when it comes to protecting your head, but if you're on a budget, then Oxford's F15 is about as low as you should sensibly go.

With an RRP of under £20, it still confirms to the relevant EU safety standard for cycle helmets and looks similar to many more expensive options. It even features a dial adjuster for its retention system, so you can be sure of a snug fit. The main caveat is that although it has a number of vents, it may not be as airy as more expensive helmets – so is recommended for less strenuous riding.

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2. Bell Slant

A stalwart in Bell's range of helmets, the Slant is a long-standing favourite with all kinds of cyclists and there's good reason for its popularity. It is versatile and packed with features despite its relatively modest price.

It has 21 vents to keep you cool, along with Bell's "Ergo Fit" system, which lets you twist a dial at the back of the helmet to tighten the inner frame around your head. Sporty styling means that it doesn't look out of place if you get serious about your riding – and a removable visor makes it perfect for both mountain bike and road use (a visor can restrict forward vision on road bikes with dropped bars).

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3. Giro Sutton

Not everyone wants to look like they've got lost from the Tour de France when they're riding to work or just pottering down to the shops, so helmets like the Giro Sutton are increasingly popular.

With understated, low-profile styling, it has a polycarbonate outer shell and removable mini-visor which make it look more like a jockey's helmet than the stereotypical cycling helmet.

Expanded polystyrene beneath the shell means it meets the relevant safety standards and a more-expensive "MIPS" version offers enhanced protection against rotational injuries. Clever design means it also features an integrated locking port – so it can be securely left with your bike.

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4. Kask Mojito

Having been ridden to victory in the Tour de France by both Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, the Kask Mojito has a fine sporting pedigree – and is also a popular choice with recreational road riders thanks to its comfort and sharp styling.

The 26 air vents allow air to pass easily through it, keeping you cool when the weather's hot – or you're working hard. A dial adjuster at the rear offers a particularly large range of fit, making it a safer bet than some helmets for buying online.

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5. Scott Stego

Intended for use for "aggressive" mountain biking, the Scott Stego is light and comfortable enough for anyone seeking a little more protection than is provided by the average helmet.

With coverage extended further down the back of the head and an integrated MIPS system, it should match any open-face helmet on the market for safety – while surpassing many of its rivals when it comes to comfort and ventilation. The shell shape is wider than many helmets, so it may particularly suit larger-headed riders.

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