The world's most expensive dishes

Most of us are partial to splashing out on a slap-up meal now and again but how much are you really willing to pay for your favourite dish? A couple of hundred pounds? A thousand or two? Well we've searched the globe for some of the most outrageously expensive dishes - and these will truly make your eyes water!

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Covered in edible gold (no less that 24-karat), adorned with Russian Beluga caviar and containing the most sought-after meat in the world, these pricey dishes cost as much as a luxury holiday in the Caribbean.

In fact, some are so costly that they'd require remortgaging your home - £19,600 taco, anyone?

Others are decadent treats that foodies will want on their bucket list - fancy a slice of a £1,570 pizza? From a luxurious sundae made with the world's most expensive chocolate and featuring a side of dessert caviar, to the most indulgent hot dog you'll ever feast your eyes on, these are the most lavish meals on the planet.

Maybe you're just curious as to how a £1,785 burger is made, or think the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is worth saving up for (it costs a lot less than its name suggests at a mere £785). Either way, you'll want to know exactly where you can find these extravagant foods fit for millionaires...