Aldi own brands triumph over posh rivals

Aldi own brands win awards
Aldi own brands win awards

Aldi has beaten more expensive supermarkets at their own game, taking an incredible 40 titles at the Grocer Own Label Awards - more than any other supermarket. The results provide a handy guide for anyone considering downshifting their brands.

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The judges gave the discount supermarket an impressive 25 'category champion' titles - naming each one as the best of the own brands in their category. This is handy for anyone considering switching a branded item for a cheaper own-brand option. Where a product has been named a category champion, the judges decided it was the best of the best of the own brands - so should be a decent place to start your own brand trials.

Of course not all the winning products are everyday additions to our shopping list (wild boar pate anyone?). However, the fact there is bacon, bread, chocolate, jam, biscuits, oil and yogurt on the list should come in handy.

The Aldi champions

1. Aldi Thick Cut Honey Back Bacon
2. Aldi Traditional Malted Bloomer
3. Aldi Specially Selected Cheese & Onion Burger
4. Aldi Specially Selected Somerset Crunchy Vintage Cheddar
5. Aldi Roast and Ground Columbian Coffee
6. Aldi Moser Roth Chocolate - Vanilla
7. Aldi Specially Selected Maple Salt Melt in the Mouth Fudge
8. Aldi Specially Selected Gourmet Crackers - Rosemary
9. Aldi Edamame Bean Protein Pot
10. Aldi Specially Selected Mango Chunks
11. Aldi Specially Selected Tenderstem Broccoli
12. Aldi Specially Selected Italian Stonebaked Pizza - Caprino
13. Aldi Specially Selected Mini Dessert - Chocolate
14. Aldi Specially Selected 55% Conserve - Blackcurrant
15. Aldi Specially Selected Alphonso Mango & Apricot Chutney
16. Aldi Mamia Junior's Mini Rice Cakes - Raspberry
17. Aldi Specially Selected Panettone
18. Aldi Specially Selected British Rapeseed Oil
19. Aldi Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffed Whole Chicken Roast in the Bag
20. Aldi Passions Pop Outs - Sour Cream & Chive
21. Aldi Specially Selected Tartlets - Chorizo & Red Pepper
22. Aldi Limited Edition New York Deli Sandwich
23. Aldi Specially Selected Lemon Shortbread Rounds
24. Aldi Specially Selected Wild Boar, Cranberry and Chestnut Pate
25. Aldi Specially Selected Rhubarb & Vanilla Yogurt

The awards follow hot on the heels of the International Spirits Challenge - where Aldi's £12.99 Highland Black 8 Year Old Whisky took gold, and its £9.97 Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin took silver. Aldi remains the Grocer's Grocer of the Year 2016, as well as Mother & Baby's Supermarket of the Year 2017.

The discounter makes no secret of its ambition in these awards. Its growth strategy is to open more stores, and attract more shoppers across the demographic spectrum. Middle class shoppers are key to its growth, and while they may be drawn by the low prices, the chain knows these awards help allay any fears that they may have to pay for these lower prices with poorer quality.

It wasn't just Aldi celebrating, however. The discounters had a fantastic night, because Lidl took second place, with a total of 28 prizes - including a luxury brie for 99p.

The pricier supermarkets took a fair few awards too, and the biggest accolade of all - The Champion of Champions - went to M&S for its 3 Melting Chocolate Domes dessert.