Why eggs can be the dieter's best friend

Seasoned eggs frying on a pan.
Seasoned eggs frying on a pan.

Recent research suggests that not only is it better to consume most of your calories earlier in the day, but also that eating eggs and other protein at breakfast will aid weight loss. So the 50s advertising campaign that suggested Brits 'Go to Work on an Egg' turns out to have been sound advice.

According to the Australian Heart Foundation, eggs contain good quality protein, 11 vitamins and minerals, and are a source of healthy fats including omega-3 fats. You can eat up to 6 eggs each week without increasing your risk of heart disease and the cholesterol in eggs has almost no effect on our blood cholesterol levels (but saturated fat does).

Valentine Warner's recipe in the video above for buck rarebit will appeal to fans of cheesy toast or croque monsieur and is topped with a duck egg, although any eggs you like will work just as well. It makes a warming supper or a satisfying lunch. And it includes one of the best features of cooking - a tipple for the chef. Enjoy.

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The dilemma of separated eggs
Some recipes call for separated eggs - so what do you do with the leftover yolks or whites?

Egg whites feature in a number of cocktails as well as Pavlovas and delicious friands. Single egg yolks can be added to an omelette, but if you have more, how about a lemon tart, creme caramel or bread and butter pudding?

Either whites or yolks can be frozen, just mark up how many whites or yolks are in the freezer bag.

More recipes to use up egg whites

More recipes to use up egg yolks