Diamond-studded wristband can unlock your Ferrari

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If you've already bought your super car, and are wondering what to do with the other billions burning a hole in your pocket, then how about a $116,000 diamond-encrusted wristband that can be used to unlock your Ferrari?

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This wearable technology can be synced with your car to lock and unlock it - and even start the engine. It was unveiled at the Top Marques car show in Monaco, where the bling fit in seamlessly with the super cars and super rich at the world's most exclusive car show.

The one on show is made from solid platinum and over 200 colourless diamonds. It's part of the 'one in a billion' collection - named after the fact they only make seven of each of the wristbands, so you're less likely to suffer 'same wristband nightmare' when you bump into the other billionaires down at the marina.

Impressive extras

If this is slightly too rich for your blood, but you want to add some fancy extras to make your car just that little bit more bling, then as we reported last week, there are plenty of oddly extravagant extras on offer.

Some of the most unexpected include the diamond-encrusted dashboard clock for your Bentley Nemtyaga - for just £150,000; the granite trim for your Mercedes-Benz Maybach for £2,310; or the Liquid Metal silver paint finish for your Porsche 918 Spyder - at just £50,631.

Alternatively, if you can't live without wearable technology, and you happen to have an Aston Martin, then you can buy a watch that will unlock your car for you - and at between £22,904 and £35,522 is somewhat more affordable than the diamond-studded wristband... not quite so bling though...

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