Free hot cross buns, cocktails, coffee machine & Amazon credit

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Boy in forest  bunny ears with hot cross buns
Boy in forest bunny ears with hot cross buns

This Freebie Friday it's time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Your fresh start this spring could mean new hobbies, new friends, a new start to the day, and even a swanky new coffee machine - and for Freebie Friday we bring you the giveaways you need in order to try it all for free.

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Pitcher & Piano
If you sign up to the Pitcher & Piano Newsletter you will get a free Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and Lemonade or a pint of Pravha - both of which are available until the end of April. They have been doing a free drink each month for a while now, and getting the newsletter is a handy reminder of the next freebie on the list. The chain is also launching its summer food menu, so on the email there's a voucher for £10 off a spend of £20 or more too.

Free tennis for kids
You can now book up for free tennis sessions for kids. Just enter your postcode on the website, and it will pull up details of any free courses near you. They are offering six week free courses; they will provide the equipment; and you get to keep your tennis racket if you attend for at least four of the six sessions. It's a great deal, and many of the sessions start in April, so it's worth booking as soon as possible.

Free Tassimo machine
Tassimo is running a deal in its online shop until 3rd May, offering a free Tassimo machine when you buy a bundle including 12 packs of capsules. These include everything from latte to tea and macchiato, so you can try out the full range. The usual selling price for the whole lot is more than £170, so the free machine is a fantastic deal.

Six free coffee pods
The users of have spotted the Nescafe Dolce Gusto taste challenge. You just sign up at the website to get three free Prelude pods and 3 free Prelude Intense pods. They recommend you swap one of your weekday coffees each week for a pod - for three weeks - and challenge you to see how it 'transforms your morning'. At the very least it will transform it from a morning when you pay for your coffee pods to one where you get it for free.

Free Hot Cross Bun
Morrisons has hit on a nice idea. It's giving away free hot cross buns today from the bakery section. The idea is to take one to give to a friend or neighbour, to share a bit of love and bring the community together.

More free hot cross buns
If you want some freebies for yourself too, then Quidco is offering six free hot cross buns today too. Just buy the buns from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda or Morrisons, upload the receipt through the clicksnap service on the website or app, and the cost will be refunded into your account.

Free Amazon £6 credit
If you have an Amazon account, and you've not used it to buy an Amazon gift card at any point during the past two years, then this deal may be available when you log into your Amazon account. The idea is that you spend £40 on gift vouchers before midnight on Sunday night, you'll get a £6 credit on your account (to spend by 25 May). The vouchers are valid on any £40 spend, and will last for ten years. So as long as you expect to spend £40 on Amazon in the next decade, this is essentially free money. It's not entirely clear how Amazon picked the people who are eligible for the deal, but it's worth a quick check just in case.

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