Five reasons why online dating is better in your fifties

The secret to a happy marriage? Live, laugh and love
The secret to a happy marriage? Live, laugh and love

More of us are finding love online these days - and that includes people in their middle age and the older generation. After all, life gets better in lots of way once you reach your fifties and sixties – so why shouldn't that include dating! Here are five reasons why dating in later life can be even more enjoyable than in your younger years.


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1. You have more to talk about
Whether you've travelled, had kids, or climbed the career ladder, you have years of life experience to call on when it comes to making conversation. The more stories you have to tell, the easier it will be to break the ice and find things in common with your date.

All that life experience can also make you a better judge of character - just remember to be open-minded. Your date may share certain qualities with your not-so-nice ex, but give them a chance - being older has a habit of making us more set in our thought patterns too.

2. You have no time for game-playing or game players
Most of us come to appreciate the simple pleasures in life as we get older: good conversation, nice food, and fun days (and nights!) with someone whose company we enjoy. At the same time, many people in their fifties and sixties have less tolerance for game playing – which is good news if your dating others of the same age.

Forget the "dating rules" you've heard in the past. If you like someone, text them after the first date – don't feel you have to wait. And if you enjoyed their company, say as much. You'll enjoy the process of dating so much more if you're honest and date others who share the same values.

3. You what you don't want
When you were in your twenties and thirties, you probably didn't think too much about what type of person you wanted to date. Most people tend to fall into relationships, particularly in younger life. But now that you're older, take the time to consider what qualities you want in a partner, and actively look for someone who meets them, And no, that doesn't mean turning up to a bar with a checklist and a pen!

Don't know who you are looking for until you meet them? Even then, your past life experience will at least tell you what you don't want... which has to be an improvement on your younger days!

4. You have more time (and possibly money) to go on dates
Retirement can take some adjusting to – particularly if you're single. But if you're willing to take a chance and be daring, online dating can be a great way to meet new people and try new things. Now you're no longer climbing the career ladder or raising children, you will hopefully have more time (and possibly money!) to enjoy going out on dates.

5. You don't care what other people think
When you were in your twenties you may have worried about what your parents thought of your date – or been concerned to find someone that your friends liked. Thankfully, most of us lose that need for approval as we get older.

If you want to go out with a lady who keeps snakes and does belly dancing, or fancy dating a man who sails around the world for six months of the year - why not?

Of course, you may find that the tables have turned, and your grown-up children like to voice an opinion about your love life. If that's the case, don't introduce your date to them until you feel secure in the relationship. Remember, this is your time – if you like the person, that's all that matters!