McDonald's angers customers with St. Patrick's Day advert

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Shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns... there are quite a few things that are obviously Irish and would work as great symbols for St. Patrick's Day

But there's also a few things that don't work?

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Bagpipes and Stonehenge for a start - which also happen to be two things that McDonald's used to sell their newest Shamrock Shake.

Every year McDonald's puts out a sweet treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it's called the Shamrock Shake.

This year the announcement of the green drink fell a little flat though.

The Independent was able to grab a full video of the Tweet before McDonald's took it down.

The video shows a man playing a pretend bagpipe, made from their new Shamrock shake with chocolate in it, and a bunch of straws.

The background behind the man is changing and while the first two backgrounds are fine, the third awkwardly shows Stonehenge.

Twitter users ripped into McDonald's immediately - brutally pointing out the mistakes.

The ad has been wiped completely from their social media accounts.

However, some people have suggested that McDonald's might have made the mistakes on purpose to go viral.

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