Free Easter eggs, Mother's Day booze, pots, seeds and snacks

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Freebies for the start of spring
Freebies for the start of spring

Spring has officially sprung, and while nobody appears to have informed the weather about this development, the freebie-makers are on board. This week they are offering free seeds and pots to get you planting for the spring, plus some free Mother's Day goodies and even a freebie for Easter.

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Free pots
The users of have spotted that Waitrose is offering a free potting pack. All you need to do is buy two medium potted herbs, and you'll get free herb pots, so you can turn them into a herb garden on your windowsill - growing herbs for many more meals to come.

Free seeds
Heinz is celebrating spring with free tomato seeds - so you can grow your own. You just visit the website, complete your details, and they'll send you the seeds. You can also find growing tips on the site, and enter a competition to have your tomatoes turned into ketchup. The user who posted the deal says they send off for the seeds every year, and they have always received them

Free wine
To celebrate Mother's Day, Latestdeals has spotted that Frankie & Benny's is giving away free bottles of wine (on 26th March). In order to get yours, you'll need to buy two adult meals (in Scotland the deal is for a box of chocolates instead). You can't drink the wine in the restaurant, but can take it home, put your feet up, and relax with a glass or two.

Free Cadbury's Creme Egg Treats
The Cadbury's Creme Egg Spotter's Hide Bus is on a tour of Sainsbury's stores between 1st and 12th March. You can play a range of 'hunt the egg' games - and sample a Cadbury Creme Egg treat from the Cafe. The users of have published a list of where the bus is going to be - and when.

Free snacks
This spring you can give your kiddie snacks a makeover, in favour of something a bit healthier. Sainsbury's is trying to get you into the swing of things with this freebie. If you shop online, you can pick from a range of Goodies toddler snacks from Organix, enter the code GOODIESSNACKS at the checkout, and you'll get the snacks for free.

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