The worst ever Valentine's Day presents

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withered gerbera in white vase
withered gerbera in white vase

It's not easy choosing the perfect present on Valentine's Day - the one lovely thing that will make your special someone feel cherished and loved.

For some, it's a hand-made card; for others, nothing less than expensive jewellery will do.

We don't always make the best choice - and research has shown that relationship break-ups reach one of their biggest peaks in the days following Valentine's Day. There's every incentive to get it right.

So if you want to make sure you're still together this time next year, make sure you don't make any of these mistakes, shared on Reddit forums in the last couple of years.

The best-value Valentine's gifts

"Gave a chick I was dating a tarantula on Valentine's Day and broke up with her in the same evening. The two things were not related."

"Being broken up with. He still kept the chocolates I gave him, though."

"A mix CD I later found on her playlist listed with the title 'James' Birthday Mix' (with James being her most recent ex)."

"A stuffed dog and a sweet, heartfelt declaration of undying love... that was written for the guy that she just broke up with to be with me. She even scratched his name off the envelope and wrote mine. We didn't last long."

"The first time I bought a flower/flowers for a girl she turned out to be allergic to them. Never done it since."

Valentine's Day rip-offs

"He got home, brought a coffee table into the living room and said, 'Happy Valentine's Day!'"

"Made a food that was too spicy for me to eat so he ate it all himself, gave himself food poisoning and spent the entire night alternating between the bed and toilet."

"A decorative crystal carriage, first ever gift, sounds cute right? No, it was completely shattered. I ended up getting it late and found the exact 'gift' at Walgreens in a cart marked 'clearance 75% off'."

"Had a friend of mine receive a bra from her boyfriend. It was a double D cup... she was an A at most."

10 great discounts and freebies for Valentine's Day

"I got a big bear he bought at a drug store that had the year before on the tummy and he sharpied in the right year. He said he didn't realise when he bought it, and he was wondering why it was so cheap."

"My boyfriend at the time had made reservations for lunch at a nice restaurant, but never came to pick me up. Two hours later he calls me to let me know he simply got distracted trying to memorise Die Antwoord lyrics."

"Blank store-bought valentines cards. He said he didn't know what to write. Like a kid making an excuse for not doing his homework."

"My SO bought me a vacuum cleaner for our first valentines day. I've touched it once. I think it was a hint though."

"She gave me the book Prozac Nation, about a girl with depression."

"Couple years ago the ex gave me a stripper pole as a gift."

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