Seven signs your new date is about to dump you

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Young couple having a row disagreement argument
Young couple having a row disagreement argument

One minute you're sending "winks" and emails - and then you meet up and they're texting you 20 times a day. Before you know it, though, your date goes cold on you. Sound familiar? No matter how old you are (and how many times you've been around the block!) it can be hard to see the warning signs.

So, how can you tell if your date is preparing to give you the elbow? Check out the seven warning signs that you're about to get dumped...


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1. I would love to but
"I'd love to meet your friends/parents but I could really do with an early night" or "going away for the weekend sounds great but let me have a think about where to go first." If your new partner avoids making plans and is reluctant to meet your friends and family it may be a sign they don't see a future with you.

2. Your nearest emergency exits are here, here and here...
Beware the person who sets up one or more exit strategies early on. These include the favourite, "I just need a little space" or "I really like you but I'm so busy with work/study right now." By creating a convenient way out they don't technically have to dump you and therefore don't have to deal with the fall-out.

3. Everything you do is wrong
Last week you were the most wonderful creature on the planet but these days nothing you say or do is right. When your date constantly finds fault in the smallest of things it's a sign that the whole package isn't working, they just haven't got the guts to tell you – yet.

4. Meet my "friend"
No one minds being introduced as a "friend" in the first couple of weeks of dating - but after three months? If you've been dating someone for a while it's only natural to expect them to introduce you as more than just a "friend". If not, perhaps it's because they don't see you as a permanent fixture.

5. Suddenly they look great
So your new partner has got a haircut and bought some new clothes, it doesn't mean anything, right? A sudden desire to look good combined with wanting to spend less time with you could signal bad news. People coming to the end of a relationship often prepare themselves for being single again, which includes wanting to look hot before they get back on the singles market.

6. Push me one more time...
This is possibly the worst way of being dumped. Your partner is so vile and obnoxious that it becomes impossible to be with them. This kind of person is essentially a coward. They are either too scared of being alone or can't deal with the guilt of leaving you – so they act badly and push you away, hoping you will end the relationship for them.

7. Not tonight darling
A sudden lack of interest in sex doesn't have to mean a break-up is on the cards. While that first clothes-ripping passion rarely lasts, physical aloofness is a sign that something is wrong. If your partner avoids intimacy, no longer holds your hand or rarely kisses and cuddles you, you can prepare yourself for the "We need to talk" conversation.