Top tips on how to cut costs on New Year's Eve

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Top tips on how to save money on a New Year's Eve party
Top tips on how to save money on a New Year's Eve party

Believe it or not, Christmas is over for another year and 2017 is well on its way.

While there are lots of ways to ring in the New Year, staying at home and hosting a dinner or party can be an affordable and stress free way to celebrate.

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So, if you're hosting this New Year's Eve then take a look at the tips below for some easy way to cut your outgoings and still have a great time.

Spread the cost

Sharing the bill for the booze may sound a bit cheap but if you get everyone to bring along a different bottle not only will you cut costs but you'll have a fun array of drinks options too!

Don't use paper

If you've got lots of people coming you might think going out and buying paper plate and disposable cutlery is the easiest way to manage the clean-up, but actually paper products can get expensive so it might be easier to use your actual dishes and just save the washing up for the next day so you can enjoy yourself. If you don't have enough of the same set of china don't worry, mixing and matching different sets makes for a fun and festive table!

Be selective

One of the easiest ways to ramp up your spending is to invite too many people. It's okay to be selective, invite your nearest and dearest and not only will you cut costs but everyone will feel more included and have a better time.

Keep it simple

It's New Year's Eve, the main event of the night doesn't have to be the menu. Keep it simple adn stick to flavours you know everyone will like. Make sure to do a quick sweep of the supermarket too because after Christmas there's sure to be plenty of discounted but delicious food on offer!

Be thrifty with decorations

Just because Christmas has been and gone it doesn't mean you have to strip your house of all the festive decorations immediately. Keep the Christmas decorations up and you keep the festive spirit going! If in doubt, put a few tealight candles in jam jars around the place to put people in the party mood.

So there you go, a few top tips for making the end of your year fun and good value. Happy New Year!