The most expensive gifts ever given: how do yours compare?

The crown
The crown

You might be feeling generous after splashing out on your loved ones. It's quite possible that you cannot wait for Christmas morning, and the moment when they realise just how thoughtful and kind you have been this year. If you still want to feel good about your gift giving, however, you might want to look away now, because it's a drop in the ocean compared to the most expensive gifts of all time, put together with the help of Bidvine.

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1. The Kohinoor Diamond
This is an impressive piece of bling, considered to be priceless, and a gift from Raja Duleep Singh to Queen Victoria. She rather rudely had it re-cut to make it sparkle more, and added it to the crown jewels. Now the Indian government reportedly want it to be returned.

2. Pearl necklace
In 1917, a New York banker struck a shockingly bad bargain, which means the necklace cost him several hundred million pounds - even though it sold 40 years later for just $150,000. He swapped his six-story Fifth Avenue mansion for the necklace at the height of the pearl bubble.

Hope Diamond
Hope Diamond

3. The Hope Diamond
This was a gift in 1912 for Evelyn McLean, from her newspaper magnate husband Edward Beale McLean. The 45.52 carat diamond is currently in the Smithsonian and is insured for more than £200 million.

4. Superyacht
Anil Ambani gave his wife Tina a 34-metre super yacht named Tian, in 2008. It was said to have cost almost £65 million.

5. Private jet
It may be no coincidence that Tina's gift came hot on the heels of a gift her brother-in-law gave to his wife. Mukesh Ambani bought a £47 million jet for his wife Nita.

A Gulfstream jet
A Gulfstream jet

6. Gulfstream jet
When Tom Cruise bought a £16 million jet for his then-wife Katie Holmes, we can only hope she didn't point out that this was small potatoes compared to the jet Mukesh Ambani had stumped up for.

7. Diamond ring
Billionaire James Packer gave Mariah Carey the £8 million diamond ring when they got engaged, and despite the fact the engagement is now off, Mariah has reportedly kept the ring. It was apparently made by a friend, so has sentimental value. It's not the only kind of value the ring has though...

8. Diamond ring
Richard Burton tried to buy an engagement ring for Elizabeth Taylor at auction in 1969, and was so disappointed to lose out that he bought it from the auction winner for $1 million. The ring is said to be worth £5.3 million today.

Germany Bugatti
Germany Bugatti

9. Bugatti Grand Sport
Much is made of the fact that Beyonce and Jay Z are often up against one another in the list of best-paid in music (Beyonce was number 17 this year in the Forbes list while Jay Z was 18th). However, the day that Beyonce gave Jay Z a £1.6 million Bugatti Grand Sport, he probably didn't mind being out-earned by her.

10. Golden Bath
This £1.58 million gift has to rate as the least useful on the list. It was one of a number of questionable financial decisions made by Mike Tyson, when he gave it to actress Robin Givens.