How much does it cost to throw a Taylor Swift-style party?

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How to throw a Taylor Swift style party
How to throw a Taylor Swift style party

Taylor Swift's annual Independence Day parties always make huge headlines, but how much do these festive soirée's cost the pop superstar?

Forget about the fact that T-Swift hosts it at her giant, private, multi-million dollar mansion in Rhode Island, USA.

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Let's pretend the bevvy of model and celebrity friends take care of their own airfare and transportation to arrive at her perfect summer weekender?

According to E-Online, all of Taylor's other party favors can cost a pretty penny.

For example, her huge poolside inflatable could have cost up to $5,000 dollars to rent, depending on how many hours she kept it.

And it's reported that Taylor would have certainly hired a professional photographer to capture more than just Instagram snaps, which could tag on another $10,000 dollars.

With matching outfits, food, drinks, and other necessities, a Taylor Swift party could easily cost the singer more than $20,000 dollars.

That's definitely a nice little price tag to secure an epic weekend.

Considering the pop superstar raked in a staggering quarter of a billion dollars for her 1989 world tour, it's not likely that a $20,000 party is going to make too much of a dent in her whopping fortune!

The 27-year-old also made it to number one on the list of Forbes' top celebrity earners, so she's not short of a buck or two!