Find the gold medal - it could get you a job

Find the gold medal
Find the gold medal

If you've got a keen eye for detail, and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, then this picture could hold the key to your next job. An environmental waste company is advertising for what it's calling a 'hidden gem finder', and has issued a bizarre challenge to get people started.

The job isn't completely bonkers. EnviroWaste wants someone to look through specific kinds of waste that it collects. You'll be tracking down items that can be sold on for a profit, and any profits from the things you find will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network.

The job has its downsides. For a start, the company says in the advert that the right candidate must have a strong nose, with 'no squeamish tendencies'. In addition it'll only last for six months - although if it's a huge success they might extend your contract.

However, on the plus side, you'll only be expected to look through waste for 25 hours a week - which isn't too arduous a working week. You can pick your own hours too.

Unusual applications

Candidates are encouraged to visit the company website, where they will find a photograph of a pile of technology waste, with a gold medal hidden in amongst it. It's only accepting applications from people who include details in their covering letter of where the medal is lurking.

The deadline is 9 September, and the company will let their new employee know they have made it through within a week.

It's apparently a serious job, but the company has an ulterior motive too, it wants to highlight the value in waste, as well as underlining the things that should and shouldn't be thrown away.

James Rubin, owner of EnviroWaste said: "The majority of the public and businesses don't realise that often, what they're throwing away can actually either be sold complete or as a material to be recycled for something else. I think that there is most definitely more we could be doing to preserve our planet and dispose of waste more responsibly, it's just a case of educating and raising awareness."

"We hope that our new hidden gem finder will highlight how valuable waste can be and how people should think twice about what they put in the bin! We hope to update the website with items that our hidden gem finder has found along with how much we are raising for the Wildlife Conservation Network."

So what do you think? Do you fancy a part-time flexible job, raising money for charity, and paying £20,000 a year? Or does the idea of sorting through waste for a living make you feel a bit queasy? Let us know in the comments.

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