Money-saving tips for your summer holiday

Rosie Vare
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Money-saving tips for your summer holiday
Money-saving tips for your summer holiday

We're well into August now but the summer isn't quite over yet and plenty of people still have their holidays to look forward to.

But one of the downsides of going away is having to face up to your finances when you get home.

Following Brexit the sterling has weakened against many currencies, including the dollar and euro.

As well as making our spending while abroad more expensive, it also makes the overall holiday more costly.

Kenwood Travel found that 40% of holidaymakers will put their holiday spending on a credit card while 52% will borrow money from friends and family.

So how can you avoid the holiday debt hangover? Take a look at these five money-saving tips for the summer:

1. Spending card

A lot of cards will add a 3% charge with exchange rates. You can avoid these extras by getting a specialist card which also gives great exchange rates. Use one of these for overseas spending and make sure to pay it back in full to avoid interest rates. Be prepared though - you'll need to apply for one at least three weeks before you go away.

2. EHIC card

Travelling to Europe? Make sure you check that your EHIC card is still valid for your travel. If yours has run out don't panic, they're free and easy to apply for online and arrive quickly. The card is valid throughout the EU and grants you the same medical treatment as locals. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a substitute for travel insurance though - you will need to buy that too.

3. Travel Insurance

If this isn't the only time you're going on holiday this year you're better off taking out annual travel insurance rather than each time individually. It will work out much cheaper across the year.

4. ATOL protected

According to law, every UK travel company that sells both flights and hotels is required to have an ATOL. If you're booking a package holiday be sure to check that the company is ATOL protected because if not you could lose money and be forced to pay for your own replacement travel home.

5. Phone charges

Forgetting to turn off your data roaming can leave you with a huge bill when you get home. Always turn off 3G and 4G while on the move abroad, use WiFi when you can, plenty of restaurants, cafes and hotels will have free WiFi for patrons. It's also worth checking whether or not your network has any special deals for those travelling abroad, it could save you even more.

Take these tips on board and hopefully you'll return sun-kissed, relaxed and in a good position financially too!

Holiday Travel Tips And Money Saving Ideas
Holiday Travel Tips And Money Saving Ideas