Parents forced to pay twice for kids gadgets

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Parents forced to pay twice for kids gadgets
Parents forced to pay twice for kids gadgets

Choosing what toys to buy for your children can be difficult. It's likely they will want exactly what their friends have, but sometimes this can end up being unaffordable.

But what about the toys and gadgets you do choose to give them? What happens when they break, do you buy a new one straight away?

A new survey from Protect Your Bubble shows that 40% of gadgets bought for children quickly end up broken.

This means parents are forced to pay out an average of £150 to either repair or replace them.

Another issue is that 70% of gadgets bought for kids aren't insured on purchase.

Now adults can be clumsy but kids are carefree and run, jump and skip everywhere. surely the chances of pricey toys and gadgets being dropped is incentive enough to back yourself up with insurance!

Those who don't insure these items end up forking out again, on top of the average £300 that was spent buying the device in the first place!

The survey revealed that four out of five kids between the ages of two and 14 own a tablet, smartphone, laptop and/or game console.

Tablets seem to be the most popular gadget with 80% of children owning one while 50% have a smartphone.

The research found that the average age for a child to get a tablet is just seven while the average age for a child's first smartphone is 10.

Browsing the internet is something else that parents want to keep a watchful eye on but 14% admitted that they don't have any internet safety features installed on their children's devices.

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