Singles holidays: World's best adventures for going it alone

Roshina Jowaheer
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Woman reading in chair on beach, Little Exuma Island, Bahamas
Woman reading in chair on beach, Little Exuma Island, Bahamas

Solo travel is one of the top holiday trends for 2016, with one in three Brits venturing out alone.

Recent research from found that half of British women are more likely to go it alone today than they were five years ago, while travel dating website has found that Spain, Thailand and America are the top destinations for solo travellers this summer.

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Tom Marchant, co-founder of bespoke luxury specialist Black Tomato, which has seen a rise in single bookings, says: "This year we're noticing significant changes in the way discerning solo travellers are exploring the world. People's needs are as varied as people themselves, and for the most part compromise is made, so solo travel is perfect for taking personal time out of co-dependent lives to figure things out on one's own time frame."

Marchant adds that solo travel has moved away from the domain of the lonely and awkward, and travellers are looking to experience things at their own pace to gain a sense of place and focus on new challenges and adventures that others may not want experience.

In fact, solo travel is becoming so popular that hotels are creating packages to cater specifically to guests who want to get away from it all and book a room all to themselves, and travel companies are starting to ditch single supplements to attract more single travellers.

With the trend taking the travel industry by storm, we've picked some of the most unforgettable holiday ideas for solo travellers in search of a real adventure, from a diving escape in Iceland to an epic cruise along the Amazon.

Safety Tips for Traveling Solo
Safety Tips for Traveling Solo