What no one tells you about sex after 50

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Image of elderly couple and good sex life
Image of elderly couple and good sex life
Great Sex After 50
Great Sex After 50

Your sex life is likely to change as you get older, but it's not necessarily bad news! Here are five things no one tells you about sex in your 50s and beyond...

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1. Sex is less frequent, but better

When Saga magazine quizzed readers about their changing sex lives, the vast majority (85%) said they made love less frequently now than they did in their 20s and 30s. That's not to say older couples are missing out. Almost half of those surveyed have sex at least once a week, and a further 25% get passionate at least fortnightly.

While the pace may slow down a little, the good news is that sex can be more enjoyable as you get older. Most of those surveyed (61%) said making love was "more fulfilling" now.

2. Vaginal dryness can be an issue
Falling oestrogen levels mean that women produce less lubrication after the menopause, which can make sex uncomfortable. It's worth talking to your doctor about hormonal supplements, but there's no harm in using a water-based lubricant either.

Durex sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam says: "Durex Play O is a great choice if a woman is feeling dry. It not only lubricates but also enhances orgasm. And don't skimp on foreplay! Sexual arousal is the best way to encourage natural lubrication."

3. More over-50s are getting STDs
You might not have to worry about pregnancy, but you still need to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

According to figures from Public Health England, almost twice as many over 45 were diagnosed with STDs in 2009 than 2000. Cases of chlamydia in women aged over 50 were up by a staggering 95%. Gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, warts – are all on the rise in older groups.

Susan says: "Don't forget to raise the important question of protection with a new partner. If you don't feel comfortable enough to discuss safe sex, perhaps you're not ready to sleep together?

"Condoms have come a long way in recent years. Try out a few different types and see what suits you. If sensitivity is an issue, Durex Real Feel is great for a real skin-on-skin feeling."

4. You probably already own a sex toy
Forget slippers and hot cocoa - couples in their 50s enjoy experimenting in the bedroom.

Susan says: "The average fifty-year-old is just as fit and eager as a thirty-year-old was in previous generations. Plus they are likely to have much more knowledge about sex to add to their many decades of experience."

If you want to turn up the heat, Susan suggest investing in a sex toy. "They give you the opportunity to experiment, to please each other, and to please yourself when alone."

And if you already have a vibrator in your bedside table, you're not alone. Some 70% of British women in their 50s own a sex toy, according to a recent survey by the Mirror.

5. You need stronger stimulation
While sex is more fulfilling, you might find it takes you longer to climax. Again, a drop in oestrogen is to blame for making a woman's body less responsive. Men also find that they need more stimulation as they get older, and that their erections are not as strong as they once were.

"It's a known fact that we lose sensitivity as we age. Women in particular can need stronger stimulation to climax. I would recommend investing in a vibrator, and spending more time on foreplay," says Susan.

Three products that may enhance your pleasure in the bedroom:

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Durex Play Delight Mini Vibrator, £9.95

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