Surprising things you can do with salt

Brilliant and Surprising Uses for Salt
Brilliant and Surprising Uses for Salt

It's not just to add to your food. There are some truly brilliant and surprising uses for salt, including:

Making eggs easier to peel
Add a teaspoon of salt to your water when boiling eggs to help stop the shell cracking when you want to peel and eat the egg. If you use salt, you'll be able to slide the shells off without them breaking apart. Easy!

Cleaning pans with stubborn grease
Sprinkle a thin layer of salt into your dirty pan, fill with water and leave it to soak for ten minutes. Then you just need to use a sponge to mop it: you'll find that the grease and grime will come off easily.

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Cleaning your fridge
You can clean your fridge without the use of any manmade chemicals: just use half a cup of salt and half a cup of vinegar and add to a spray bottle of water.

Removing carpet stains (even wine!)
For this, it's best to use copious amounts of salt on a fresh stain. Be liberal - the more salt the better. You shouldn't be able to see the stain, just a pile of salt. The salt will gradually start to absorb the spilled liquid. After around 10-15 minutes, simply vacuum up the salt. If there's still a stain, simply repeat (be sure never to rub the stain).

Kitchen Tips: Using Salt
Kitchen Tips: Using Salt