Pregnant? Three ways to get ready for your baby

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Pregnant? Three ways to get ready for your baby
Pregnant? Three ways to get ready for your baby

With more babies born in late September than any other time of the year, there are likely to be more than a few couples who've recently discovered some good news. But there's a flip side to the excitement, and that's dealing with the changes to your finances a baby will bring.

Whether planned or not, there's plenty you can do while you're pregnant to make sure you're in the best possible financial position by the time you give birth. Here are our top three to get you going.

Start saving

It's been proven that people save more money when they have a goal. Well, there's no better motivation than a little one joining your family.

Put aside as much as you can each month in a dedicated savings account – that way you won't be tempted to use it elsewhere.

If you want to save more, see where you can cut back. One of the upsides of having to give up booze is that's an extra expense you can now put aside.

Work out how your income will change

You're going to have less money, so the sooner you work that out the better.

Statutory Maternity Pay is 90% of your earnings for the first six weeks, then drops for the next 33 weeks. Your work might pay more, or for longer, so you need to find out how you'll be affected.

You'll also have quite a few new things to buy! Our cost calculator can give you the average prices for some of the essentials like car seats and cribs.

The best way to make sure you are going to have enough once you stop working is by building up a full budget of all the money you have coming in, and all the bills and other money you're likely to spend.

Find out what else you're entitled to

There's more than just maternity pay. All pregnant mothers can take paid time off for antenatal appointments in addition to annual leave. Some mums-to-be can also claim Healthy Start food vouchers.

Like the idea of free dental care? Well, good news. You can get it while you are pregnant and for a year after your baby is born. You can also get free prescriptions until the baby is one in England (they're already free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

There are plenty of other benefits you might be able to get. Read more about them here.

Try our baby money timeline to make sure you don't miss these money dates and more

This baby money timeline lists of all the money-related dates to do with your pregnancy and new baby.

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